When buying property you will end up with a team of people working with you to make the whole process as smooth as it can be. Below is a list of lawyers, finance brokers, pest and building inspectors and body corporate search companies, that I have found the best in their chosen fields.

I personally use and recommend these companies, as they are highly organised and thorough with the whole process. When buying Real Estate, I always find it worrying when people ask me who is the cheapest? as that is a hard question to answer, as who may be the lowest quote may end up costing you 10X that if something is missed or not followed up correctly.


MacGregor O’Reilly Solicitors: John O’Reilly and Adam Spence

Website: www.macgregor-oreilly.com.au

Phone: 07 5570 6766

Email: aspence@macgregor-oreilly.com.au

ABKJ Lawyers: Nielan Lesko

Website: www.abkj.com.au

Phone: 07 5532 3199

Email: njl@abkj.com.au

Finance Brokers

 Loan Market: Jason Cuerel

Website: www.loanmarket.com.au/jason-cuerel

Phone: 0403 539 934

Email: jason.cuerel@loanmarket.com.au

Pest and Building Inspectors

Jeffery Hills and Associates

Website: www.jha.com.au

Phone: 07 5576 2144

Email: info@jha.com.au

SEQ Building & Pest Inspections

Phone: 07 5576 5291

Email: grantlazzaro@outlook.com

Body Corporate Search Company

Holland Searches: Sue Holland

Website: www.hollandsearches.com.au

Phone: 0481 258 182

Email: info@hollandsearches.com.au


Coast to Coast: Jade

Phone: 0418 428 242


SRM Constructions: 0414 928 044

The above professionals will help you with your property searches and all that needs to be done to successfully purchase your piece of paradise.


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