The Penski Property Update

Penelope Nicholls

Why Did I Start The Penski Property Update?

When it comes to buying and investing in real estate it can be hard to know what is going to suit you and your circumstances best. Finding that perfect new home or investment can be time-consuming and hard, trying to get all the information that you need to make an informed decision can be nearly impossible.

This site is just information that I pick up from my day-to-day dealings in real estate. I am an investor and I love what I do, dealing all day in real estate is what I enjoy more than anything. Also, I know just how hard it is out there, especially when you are not in the industry all the time. Real estate investing success is not an overnight thing it takes many years of searching, buying, renovating and holding onto the property to make great money from it. I have made lots of mistakes over the years and I am still learning every day my aim with this site is to point out the simple but often overlooked parts of real estate.

Finding an agent you can trust is the main thing, whether you are buying, selling or renting your property out. Going for the cheapest agent may become the most expensive decision you ever make. You need someone who has proven that they know the area you are looking in like the back of their hand and lives in the area. Over the years I have built up a strong referral and repeat business, having established excellent relationships with the various real estate agents, lawyers, valuers and finance brokers also the many others who will become part of your real estate experience.

I only recommend the very best to choose from, in each industry, saving you time, money and stress as you know everything is looked after by professionals.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need some advice.

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Twitter @penski__

And as always, do your research before putting pen to paper

Thank you for reading and happy investing

Penski :)xx


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  1. Cameron says:

    Hi Penelope,

    We are advocates in Melbourne assisting investors and home buyers alike.

    Congratulations on the blog.


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